I love Jeff Geerling’s AppleScript method of resizing windows for screen capture. I do a lot of screen captures and video screen recording with CleanShotX (the definition of a polished, miracle worker app!) and that coveted 16:9 ratio is key for publishing and exporting visuals seamlessly.

Well, Moom, my window sizer of choice for several years now, allows you to configure a specific resolution for a window. Simply head to the Custom tab in Moom’s preferences and set one of the options to Resize as well as an Anchor position on where you want the screen to land. I like binding my shortcuts to ⌥⇧⌘9 so that it doesn’t get accidentally triggered.

I’m sure you can replicate the same functionality with Raycast’s Window Management extension or Rectangle if that floats your boat. I just love Moom’s Keyboard Shortcut with Cheat Sheet overlay. Makes window management just one keyboard shortcut away.