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I'm a creative and tech macgyver from NY who believes good design helps people solve problems.

Because good design inspires good vibrations and good stories. And good stories lead to good people doing great things.

I've designed for all kinds of people:

  • Doctors in search of better treatments for patients
  • Young kids playing basketball
  • Foodies enjoying hearty steaks
  • Women empowered by better fitness choices
  • ...and more

I've worn many hats: 

I've also received recognition:

I've called Jackson Heights, Queens, NY my hometown for two decades. And for school, I went to Bronx High School of Science and attended City College of NY for a few semesters. 

I am intimate and speedy with my swiss army knives: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and OmniGraffle. I organize my life with OmniFocus, Evernote, and several markdown-formatted notes. 

I adore typography and writing analytically. I roam the city with my scooter and hoon cars on Seven Lakes Drive. Sundays are reserved for cups of peppermint tea and clearing out my Instapaper queue. I'm known for signing off my emails "with optimism" and writing an exclamation mark at the end of my signature. 

I believe wisdom and mentorship are critical to my future success. 

And I'm still trying to be better. We all try.

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