Ashraf Ali is a product designer with optimism.

I am intimate and speedy with my swiss army knives: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and OmniGraffle. I organize my life with OmniFocus, Evernote, and several markdown-formatted notes.

I adore typography and writing analytically. I roam the city with my motorcycle and hoon cars on weekends. Sundays are reserved for cups of peppermint tea and clearing out my Instapaper queue

I believe wisdom and mentorship are critical to my future success.

And I'm still trying to be better. We all try.

I've worn many hats: 

  • Senior Interactive Art Director in DC at at ad agency
  • Senior Art Director in NY at a pharma ad agency
  • Co-founder of a non-profit to teach basketball to kids
  • Waiter, bus boy, and manager at three different steakhouses
  • Senior Designer at a startup creative firm
  • Tech Director at a startup media company
  • Print Shop Manager of a mom-n-pop shop

I've also received recognition:



Ashraf's proactivity, enthusiasm, talent, commitment, and pride in his work are unparalleled. He is one of the most forward thinking and innovative creative people I have ever worked with. He's not afraid to challenge conventional thinking, or to look beyond the obvious to find the optimal solution. He's a true team player and invaluable asset to our team.
—Bridget Donohue Herman, VP, Group Account Supervisor, DDB Health (collaboration)
Ashraf is ahead of his time. He is strategic and proactive in his thoughts and ideas. He is up-to-date with everything digital and has a modern and sophisticated sense of typography and design. His conceptual ideas are well thought out and meticulously executed, presented with poise and confidence. Talented, ambitious, smart, and passionate, with unmatched enthusiasm, Ashraf exceeds expectations in so many ways. Plus he is a joy to work with. He would certainly make a welcome addition to any team!
—Donna Marvin-Platt, Group Art Supervisor, Freelancer (reporting manager)
Ashraf is nothing short of a creative visionary. In addition to serious art direction chops, he also is a design ninja and a digital one. I have witnessed him going from concept to product, in a program, he had learned only minutes before. He has an even-keeled personality able to navigate challenging environments. Ashraf is also highly articulate and shines during critical presentations and meetings. In this age of expanding digital, Ashraf is the kind of rockstar you want at your firm.
—Jose Andrade, Principal, InGuagement (reporting)