Navigating the Ethical Odyssey of AI, the Dance of Progress, and Ourselves

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Own your domain and limit your exposure to tech giants’ rules

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Anyone prefer TV over movies? *raises hand*

Enough Signs For Me. Just Gotta Write.

Getting rich from going viral is a formula still being made

“So…why haven’t you posted an article lately?”

I’m moving to Washington D.C.

Putting money where my mouth is

​Today was the 2nd anniversary of my father’s death

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Motorcycle wipeout by a friend

I’m a budding motorcycle mechanic hitting my limits

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Replacing the clutch perch on my 2009 Honda Rebel 250

Installing a passenger back rest/sissy bar with a luggage rack for Honda Rebel 250

Replacing the rear lights is a wiring nightmare on my Honda Rebel

Installing an aftermarket driver back rest on a Honda Rebel 250

Mounting an EZ-Pass toll reader on my Honda Rebel 250

Dropbox’s background update is using excessive CPU on my Mac

Why did Honda only provide a screwdriver for the 2009 Rebel 250 tool compartment?

Amazon Echo Look has a good chance of leading the camera-focused and connected future

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Breaking in new tires on my scooter, and a horse in traffic

Tiny Alfred Workflow: Genius “I’m Lucky” Lyrics

Tiny Alfred Workflow: Current Tab in Google Chrome’s Incognito

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Hey Adobe, hijacking the cursor is so 1997

Hubris of human bees

NYS is working to increase minimum wage for tipped workers to $7.50

Mentioning your competitor in an ad does not constitute a trademark violation

Looks by Dr. Dre +

Ramadan is going mainstream. Why buck the trend?

Inspecting Yosemite’s Icons

Why Foursquare has the potential to kill Yelp, and then Google…

» Nostalgia and Newspapers Clay Shirky

I’m Just Now Realizing How Stupid We Are

Yo – Ian Bogost – The Atlantic

The End of Cuisine –

How normal is being redefined?

The Art of Eyeballing – Part II: Learning To See


How To Code HTML5 Video Background In Email

Swift has me thinking about programming languages

“Calling a developer a coder is like a tourist calling San Francisco Frisco”

Because getting a job isn’t already difficult

Helvetica Neue leads the charge for better displays

I’m New Here

Chaotic Beautiful Snowflakes

“Avoiding Business school” is a one-sided perspective that doesn’t see the real-world value

Snowden and The Wire’s Season 2 have more in common than Snowden realizes

TrueCrypt security audit presses on

When it comes to design, nothing is ever settled for good

Block Inversions by Corporations to limit American tax dollar losses

Snapchat’s Evan Spiegel created Snapchat to mask his insecurities

Uber just gave lobby fodder to every Taxi commission

Drive development with budgets, not estimates

It’s official. Apple bought Beats.

“TrueCrypt is not secure”

50 Ways to Get a Job

Tradition is non-existent in technology

Apps that know about you before you do (and I’m okay with that)

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Curing the Anxiety of Trains Deferred from their Appointed Times

Why cyclists should be able to roll through stop signs and ride through red lights

Anecdote: The purpose of an indent in a paragraph start

On social media, we don’t try to exist. We just try to be visible.

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