Reading this excerpt from a letter about quitting his job got me thinking:

As I thought about what happened, I continued, increasingly, to be horrified by it. You are agents. Your role is to help and encourage my career and my creativity. Your role is not to place me in personal emotional turmoil. Your role is not to threaten to destroy my family’s livelihood if I don’t do your bidding. I am not an asset; I am a human being. I am not a painting hung on a wall; I am not a part of a chess set. I am not a piece of meat to be “traded” for other pieces of meat. I am not a child playing with blocks. This isn’t a game. It’s my life.

I recently left a job that I worked at for 10 weeks on the dot. The end game treatment was similar in this respect. And I wondered, over and over again, why is it that my former’s boss behavior had turned so sharp, so demeaning? I came to a conclusion that he had nothing to lose because he had lost me.

Leaving the job was the right choice under every circumstance. And while my former boss’ reactions, behavior, and activity after quitting may hurt me, it’s better to look at my next step because that is what will count. I am here to make a difference and this is a simple roadblock. I’m stepping over it.

Yes, there is no turning back. But there are more opportunities on the horizon.