This article from The Atlantic (that I had sitting in Instapaper forever) really got me thinking. Recently I took it upon myself to start logging in a journal. I use to be resistant to diary-style or blog-style writing. I thought that having regularity in my writing was essential in succeeding. I came to realize that writing is on your terms. You don’t have to write every day of every hour. You don’t need to tailor to your audience or write from a specific viewpoint. You don’t need to be neutral or provocative. You can do all these things to improve your writing, to make it reliable. But most importantly, you have to write from yourself, from within.

Logging in the journal and subsequently posting on this site has helped clarify some of the thoughts lodged in my brain. I feel more cohesive already in delivering my thoughts. And it’s because, there really is no pressure. Write when you please, how you please. Simply write whenever you have the urge to. Once a month, once a year, every train ride, on bathroom breaks, it doesn’t matter. Just write. The rest will follow.