Recently, I found out that motorcycles get discounted tolls with an ez-pass. Huzzah!

EZ-pass was really frustrating via snail mail so I headed over to their NY office in Whitestone, Queens. It’s a traffic jam. I waited over an hour to get my EZ-pass. After a sweaty morning, I finally got a discounted tolling solution.

Some people forgo mounting and use plastic holders or clamps on the handle bar. Other riders just keep it in their jacket pocket to activate when appropriate. And some just let the license plate read since it bills all the same. I wanted to avoid any bureaucratic headaches with license plate reading or forgetting to take my EZ-pass on a trip (which defeats the purpose).

Onward to mounting it on the bike: I wasn’t too confident with the 3M tape mounts that they provided. Having a piece of plastic roll under my front tire at 70 mph isn’t also my idea of fun…so hello zip ties!

Finding the right position to place the EZ-pass can be a bit annoying. I wanted somewhere secure, still readable by sensors, and not staring at me in the face. The top right area over the Honda plastic black box engraving on the front fork worked best for me. I get extra long zip ties and wrapped them around to secure it. I’ve tested it at highway speeds without any movement or wiggling. In addition, the sensor read great at the Whitestone bridge.

Finally, long distance trips here I come!