I really wanted to write something on all 42 starred items sitting in my RSS feed. Day in and ay out, there are so many different conversations happening in the world and I want to shout out and talk about them. It makes me feel part of the zeitgeist, alive, part of the river of life that is moving.

I starred them out of a hungry curiosity of everything. That’s what my RSS feed powers – 955 websites sending their voices home on my phone and on my Mac. Indeed, Reeder is one of my most used apps, way past any social media tool. And I’m grateful.

I’m super curious about AI, technology, whether or not syllables exist, world politics, the power of literature, and the latest Show HN on Hacker News that lets me play with the latest and greatest tech project from some individual’s happy hour moment. All of the human activity buzzing gets me so excited.

But I have other shifting priorities. I can’t keep holding on to the guilt, burden or idea of reading and writing over and over again. I just need to keep hitting publish and contributing to the weird web in any form I can, and – crucially – as often as I can. Because without publishing, it just remains an idea in my mind. And no one can work with that.

So I unstarred the articles. Yep, all 42. Letting them go. Closing the tabs. It’s okay, I won’t read them. It’s okay not to catch up on it all. I wasn’t meant to read it all or interact with it like play-doh. Another time, another moment, another story to write about, is yet to come.

I’m paving the way for another day for my voice to rise. Like this post right here, how poignant! 😊