If you are looking for more comfort out of your Honda Rebel, I recommend purchasing one of these back rests. Okay, I admit it, I was jealous of my passengers! How come they can get a nice backrest/sissy for their journeys and I’m stuck with straining my lower back?

I did some research on eBay and came across a small company named Grasshopper that makes aftermarket driver back rests for various motorcycles. In addition to an easy installation, the back rest is removable with just a tug on the rest.

The instructions were terse and included a grainy photo for installation. I thought I’d also document the install on my end along with some notes on quirks along the way.

To begin, remove the back seat by removing the small two bolts in the rear. It will require some handy work if you’ve installed a sissy bar like me. Once you wiggle it out of the housing, remove the bolts holding down the front seat. Take the metal housing piece from the driver seat and align it accordingly on the bolts. The shape should be extruding with the piece rest against the driver seat.

When installing it, make sure you install it tight and snug. Otherwise, it will be difficult installing the back seat again. Work progressively, slowly tightening the bolts in and adjusting the position of the bracket flush with the driver seat. Once you tighten in, reinstall the back street. It will require a little bit of pressure, don’t be shy!

Now, take your driver back rest and check the angle of the metal insert. Remember, don’t jam it in the housing. Just slip it in straight down with the angle of the driver seat leaning back. With a nice snap, it should sit their snuggly.

I love the removable aspect of the driver back rest, just in case you want to snuggle close with a passenger 🙂 One thing that people don’t note is the vibrations you initially feel. It’s kind of like a mini massage for your lower back. Once the housing settles into place though, the effect is less pronounced and you get used to it.

The build quality of the Grasshopper back rest is excellent. Excellent stitching, comfortable padding, and a strong power coated black gloss metal housing bracket and insert. Highly recommended.