I love the unique experience of carrying a passenger on my motorcycle. I feel like I’m taking them on a journey that is so involved with all of the senses. Man and nature are fused into one…

But with the Honda Rebel 250, the passenger experience can be a little bit uncomfortable. It can put a serious strain on your back. In addition, I wanted to be able to carry some items. I really was missing my scooters little driver trunk space.

So I did a little search on eBay for some aftermarket sissy bars. I came across this awesome, well built three piece set. It includes a backrest for your passenger with a (relatively cheap) foam and faux leather backing, a luggage rack, and the bracket to install it on the side struts on the rear fender.

Even though the instructions were not included from the package, it was easy to figure out.

First, I recommend that you assemble the pieces all together before you put it on the bike. Trust me, it makes it much easier. You’ll need a hex screwdriver to fit the pieces and a phillips screwdriver for the back rest. Tighten them with a snug fit, leaving no gap between the metals. I layered the pieces with the back rest inside and the luggage rack outside, placing the rear fender mount in between. For the back rest, I had to drill holes in the plastic housing. Align it first, measure twice, cut once, etc.

To install on the rear fender, use your existing bolts or purchase a M8 x 40mm screw with washer and nut as well as an M8 x 16mm screw, with washer but no nut needed, a set for each side. Then, it’s a matter of tightening the bolts. The service manual does not indicate the torque value so use your best judgement. It may feel a bit tight screwing the bolt in but take your time. Don’t over tighten the bolt!

Once you’ve got it on, it should be rock solid. I was able to carry 30 pounds of items using ROK straps (never use bungee cords with luggage racks unless you want a stressed and snapped wire at 80mph…).

And the verdict from my passengers? They LOVE IT! They feel a lot more secure and comfortable riding on the back. I recommend it if you want to take your passengers out for journeys longer than 20 minutes.