To keep my mind busy while cleaning dishes, I tuned in to James Clear’s Atomic Habits on audiobook. About a minute in, there was a point that I replayed in my mind: repetition, not motivation is key to making habits stick.

Back at my desk post-cleaning, I scrolled through my RSS feeds came across this article on Hacker News by Jim Nielsen talking about the art of knowing when to quit plus subscribing to his RSS feed. This took me down another rabbit hole of another blog he referenced, back to Manuel Moreale’s post on quitting, which led me to his front page, subscribing to his RSS feed, and reading more unsolicited blogging advice, with yet another rabbit hole by Matthias Ott speaking about the importance of putting stuff out there (oh, and subscribing to his RSS feed too).

Alright already. I get it. Just post. Don’t overthink. Get it going. I have enough signs, right? Onward forward to the evergreen blog in the eternity of the internet. Bismillah.