Marco Arment linked to a post on Cult of Mac that draws a surprisingly convincing conjecture about the new UIKit elements that may be present in iOS 6. The sheer obviousness of the connection left me baffled, wondering, why is that other publications fail to draw this connection from the beginning.

And then it hit me. Good writers know how to draw the right connections. The pieces are visible in both the past and present. But when you tie the elements together and find the core that binds the glue, you can predict the future and its direction with a strong probability. For all the secrecy that Apple prods, it conducts its public testing in a very obvious manner. It has been testing this UI in iPad all along and has been shaping the future of iOS with it.

And in hindsight, you wonder, why is it that we couldn’t dot the i’s and cross the t’s? Smoke stains the earth, and leaves its trail. You must work, and I mean work hard, to find the flame.