the pictures are strange. they are diving into a realm of unknown because the lens is clueless. it doesn’t have the tense of prediction like the prime pictures that are of stage one. they are solid, they are unique, they are stylish. they are a form of status and a direction to be lead into.

take the next line, it was unpredictable, it was a movement of truth and thought. keep browsing the cortex and you get a vibe that is twisting. it is uncorrobrated and at the same time, i am predictable. people take the tense of this understanding and know im predictable. they make their own notions and concepts.

but forget the drought of ideas. they are coming. They are coming so strong and will take you away. to this ideal that you didn’t know was possible. but you need to believe in yourself. you have this direction you can take somewhere, somehow, and take yourself somewhere that may just change your world. you need to pull it together and understand the next, not the path, just the next. understand that you have a process in your brain and you need to know how to exploit it, how to relish it, and release it into the wild.

it means letting your strategy of failure affect the insanity, it means a direction of new intensity. it was a movement of pure joy. return yourself to this state through focus, and understanding of yourself. it means being singular within your cortex and of all the feelings that you have within. it means look, see what you are, see what you have, see what you can, don’t let the envy consume you.

you will find you. or else, it will find you and trust me, it isn’t all so great if it’s not you.