This XKCD comic resonates with me perfectly. I am one of those guys who normalizes TV show watching. I just love the narrative structure, the finite-ness, the beginning and the end, the pause and resume. It’s like watching someone grow up over time. You get invested, almost like you’re the extra on the screen (but you’re a couch potato, hah!).

I guess you get a lot of this with movies too but then, it’s also all over :(. There is also a hurrah effect, almost like going through a procession. It requires concentration, care, consideration, dedication, a gluing to your seat for 2.5 hours. Which, is a lot.

I’m not a show binger. I don’t know how I can ever justify watching so many shows in a row. Maybe it’s the guilt that consumes me. Maybe I lilke savoring the TV bite. Maybe I’m not bored enough? Anywho, yay for entertainment!

(is this what blogging feels like again? make blogging beautiful and simple).