Look at those blue pen marks...
Look at those blue pen marks…

Two weeks ago, I ran into some trouble with my scooter, a red, 2004 Yamaha Zuma.

I was trying to put my key in the ignition and noticed that the key wouldn’t go in all the way. I couldn’t turn the ignition switch to the “on” position. Then, to much dismay, I found stray pen marks on the keyhole and a leftover ink cartridge on the foot rest. It seems that someone attempted a James Bond-esque operation to unlock the steering column. And if the remaining ink cartridge was any clue, the missing metal pen tip was probably lodged deep in the ignition. And the perpetrator nowhere to be found.

 The evidence in plain sight
The evidence in plain sight

After two hours of futility to recover the pen tip from the ignition lock, and being poured out in the rain, I gave up and called my insurance company to file a claim. I had my baby towed and left to the experts at the Yamaha dealership. They uncovered some more fixes needed for the scooter: new front and rear tires, brake pads, spark plug, flushed lines, and topping up of brake fluid and engine oil. Oh, and a new ignition switch of course.

The cost altogether, including my deductible and all fixes? Approximately $250. Not bad.

I’m just curious: what the hell was that person thinking using a pen to try and unlock my scooter? I guess I’ll never know.