A Windex Ritual

The train ride

Books are a glance inside someone’s mind

Exchanging ideas

Advertising virus

At least they stab you in the front

A review of How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Try to be alive; breathe deeply

Imagine what you’ll know tomorrow…

A series of moments

The Future Is In the Clouds

The Artform of Care

Straight out of Halo

The Writing Revolution

Ode to Chillies

One day of activity for NY Subway

The evolution of Daft Punk is dubstep

Writing an unforgettable college essay

Some thoughts and musings about making things for the web

Why Doesn’t MTV Play Music Videos Anymore?

The problem with endless musical choice

The Day After

The ultimate goal

“This isn’t a game. It’s my life.”

Something flickered at the edges of conscious perception

Behold, the light

Great Artists Steal

Moved to emulate

The distance

Foggy bottom

Le Miroir

Nite fall

Words of Mass Emotional Disruption

Project Blow Job

The luminaries of the skies

Tackling the problem again

The Manhattan Project

If Social Media Sites Were Boyfriends

Love is the answer to everything

Well, I did feel bad…

Twitter’s Bird Lost Some Weight

Pantone Skin Tones

Ars Technica does it again with its review of Photoshop CS6

Momentary bonding with family

Do you sense the shift of your mind?

Criss-crossing smoke to locate the fire

Will Work for Love T-Shirt Concept

Listen, Think, & Speak

Emerging from the NYC Subway

Heartless by The Fray

Adobe CS6 Branding Process

In My Mind by Tiësto

The beast asleep within my aorta

Capturing the self


clanging thoughts

the lens

This Muslim-American Life

Find a place for our hearts to rest

Ring the doorbell

Reinventing the human heart

The weight of writing

What makes a great designer?

The Go-Nowhere Generation

Time is a choice, you can spend it differently

Bohr’s definition of expert

Fail better

Revere the process of creativity

Bronx Science: not a particularly driven enviornment

The Great Social Equalizer

New York is made for you.

All day, every day, 24-7.

Train chasm

Boulevard of lights

Moroccan brass

Uncle floppy cakes

Steve Jobs, Superhero

Educational pies

Glass triangles

The shadow

Keep riding the bicycle

It’s the whipped cream that counts

What Is College For?

Going with your gut in App development

Do Great Things

‘Dropbox Inventor Determined to Build the Next Apple or Google’

Curve up higher

Are smart people ugly?

Oil painted skies

In Between You & Me is a Bank

Peeling type from the subway tiles

The HPs guard Apple

Better – Merlin Mann

Consume, create, collaborate, repeat

Prepping salmon

…and it’s done!

The finest American construction

NJ Light rail tracks

Closed-minded vs. Idea Sex

Standard Type signage