When do you turn on Stage Manager anyway?

Watts Martin’s riffs hilariously on macOS’s Stage Manager which, I somewhat resonate with. Stage Manager’s newbie status means there are no terminal commands or AppleScript maneuvers to get it to launch. Instead, I tied Stage Manager to an insane keystroke combo that I would never actually use and then use Alfred to trigger the keystroke. […]

Meditative animations with Processing

Years ago, I remember being quite astonished with Processing, a language used for creating visual and interactive graphics. I still find it quite impressive to see designers like Etinne Jacob pushing software animation forward through visually-stimulating and creative coding. Check out some examples of his work here. My favorite hands down is the tetris-meets-pacman aesthetic […]

I like embracing the newness of macOS releases

Maybe it’s because I’m always working at the cutting edge of software releases and betas-galore, but I generally find my computers to be quite stable with every new release. I’m a Mac user and the latest Ventura update has been pretty solid. Don’t get me wrong, the macOS Preferences’ menu needs another design review before […]

Own your domain and limit your exposure to tech giants’ rules

Jeff Kaufman did the hard work of culling through Hacker News accounts to see how likely is it to lose a Google Account. Here’s the punch line (as summarized by ChatGPT): To reduce the likelihood of security lockout, it is recommended to memorize and write down your password in a safe place, set up backup […]