Motorcycle wipeout by a friend

I’ve been traveling extensively for the last month and change. During the first leg of my travel, I lent my motorcycle to a friend of mine who’s a beginner rider, as a way to let him learn how to ride it. Turns out, that was poor smarts on my part. He crashed it riding on […]

I’m a budding motorcycle mechanic hitting my limits

One of the things I love about being a designer is instant feedback. If I click on the text tool and type in some text, it appears instantly. As a young designer, this has made me spoiled. Older designers used metal cast type and set it into plates. It would be weeks of round tripping […]

Hotkeys not triggering with Finder folders in Alfred workflows?

I created an Alfred workflow to create the same default folders for a project. The workflow is bound a hotkey which I believed triggered the Bash script. In the script, I created a series of folders and then pushed a notification after the folders were created to notify me the workflow’s success. However, whenever I […]