Replacing the clutch perch on my 2009 Honda Rebel 250

More than a month ago, the metal mirror housing on my 2009 Honda Rebel broke off due to an accident. I was biking with just the right mirror (it’s legal in NY State). Honestly, it wasn’t so bad. However, when merging left or switch to the left lane, I felt like a pigeon, constantly pivoting […]

Replacing the rear lights is a wiring nightmare on my Honda Rebel

I know, I know, I’m new to motorcycle maintenance. I thought I could do all the fixes myself. But triaging wiring harnesses to install new lights was NOT on the top of my list. I bought some cheap aftermarket rear lights on Amazon, thinking, “Oh, this should be just plug in play, like installing a […]

Installing an aftermarket driver back rest on a Honda Rebel 250

If you are looking for more comfort out of your Honda Rebel, I recommend purchasing one of these back rests. Okay, I admit it, I was jealous of my passengers! How come they can get a nice backrest/sissy for their journeys and I’m stuck with straining my lower back? I did some research on eBay […]

Mounting an EZ-Pass toll reader on my Honda Rebel 250

Recently, I found out that motorcycles get discounted tolls with an ez-pass. Huzzah! EZ-pass was really frustrating via snail mail so I headed over to their NY office in Whitestone, Queens. It’s a traffic jam. I waited over an hour to get my EZ-pass. After a sweaty morning, I finally got a discounted tolling solution. […]