» Nostalgia and Newspapers Clay Shirky

I wanted to stand up and clap after reading this. That’s how refreshingly honest this is: “What happened to Chittum and Doctor is endemic to media reporting generally — an industry that prides itself on pitiless public scrutiny of politics and industry has largely lost the will to cover itself with any more skepticism than […]

I’m Just Now Realizing How Stupid We Are

“I’ve learned that there’s a strong correlation between knowledge and humility. People who spend 10 minutes on Google studying monetary policy think they have it all figured out, while people with Ph.D.s and decades of experience throw up their hands in frustration. The more you study economics, the more you realize how little we know […]

Yo – Ian Bogost – The Atlantic

“One can’t ignore the context of Yo’s creation. Arbel is a young, white male engineer financed by a group led by other white, male entrepreneurs—a club of Israeli business compatriots that one might not be wrong to call a fraternity. Meta-communicative though it may be, “yo” doesn’t say, “Are you here” so much as it […]