Emerging from the NYC Subway

Have you ever had those serendipitous moments where a video about Ken Burns and his storytelling leads to a video about the beauty of exiting from a subway station? No? I relish these little moments of discovery joy.

Heartless by The Fray

This is a beautiful translation of the Kanye West song with the added emotion and energy that The Fray is known for. Give it a listen (if you haven’t already).

Adobe CS6 Branding Process

Adobe CS6 Branding Process These type of in-depth looks into the creative process always has me re-examining my own creative process, seeing where I could benefit. The core takeaway from this article was a tightly knit collaboration between the marketing and advertising agencieis and the in house production team, resulting in a seamless experience across […]

In My Mind by Tiësto

Tiësto new album is so many layers of music love. He layered the beats to my eardrum’s content.