This is a quick sketch basically illustrating my alternative to the K-12 system. Read below for more background. And please, sign up for my newsletter!
With a show of hands, how many of you have been told that if you go to school, you go to college, you are guaranteed to get a job with that degree?
How many of you feel unstimulated intellectually?
Have you ever been told that you are not smart because you didn’t take an interest in Shakespeare?
Did you feel sheer boredom or distracted at school? Were you forced to PAY ATTENTION because what was on the blackboard was more important than what was in your mind?
Watch this video with Sir Ken Robinson and re-think education critically.

The current school system was designed with industrialization in mind. Pop a student in the “system” and he’ll pop right out, ready to contribute as another cog in the machine. Imagine an iPhone and how it goes through the factory and gets tested along the way, multiple times, to ensure it doesn’t fail. And if it fails, they’ll return it to another part of the factory for more testing or tweaking or adjustments. And well, if the part doesn’t work, they’ll throw it out or neglect it and focus on other parts. Have you ever felt that you were that iPhone in the manufacturing plant?
A quote: Why is it that we have this assumption that the most common thing kids have in common is their date of manufacture or their age? I ask this same question and propose an alternative model to grades K-12. Educational pies! A level platform with multiple pies engaged with subjects cultivated around how our brain works. It would allow the integration and threading of subjects from math to art to science while emphasizing on the developmental procedures of the mind. That way, instead of assembling people by age, you assemble them by their brain development.