To Whom It May Concern:

I am from an empty past, present, and volatile future. I speak with the wisdom of my ancestors and my present family as well as the grand-children that may survive me. I come from a land of peace, followed by war, followed by peace, followed by war, followed by emptiness. And I implore you, with the fruitful advice of my lord, stating that if the enemy shows signs of peace, then you return peace to him and let the peace grow and prosper.

See, us humans have this beautiful thing known as a memory. It is an eternal picture book that constantly works the pages in our mind, triggered by our precious senses. Our lord has also granted us humans the devilish hand known as mistake and the continuum of forgetfulness of all. Even if we chant for years on end and continually memorize and rehearse the forgotten history, we will all too but forget.

But you see, this ability to create mistake and forget everything comes with a bonus, a kind one if I might add. See, we have the ability to let go of everything as a result of our stronger understanding. We can cherish the mentality of our ancestors but still craft our own futures. And most importantly, we can please our common lord in reconciliation through the strength of forgetfulness.

I implore you both to think carefully and embrace in your heart that power of forgiveness as well as forgetfulness in order to bring full circle our history. Because as a common people who share the same values and considerations, I’m sure we can come to an understanding.

We have to come to an understanding.